About British Standard Mortice Locks

About British Standard Mortice Locks

Understanding British Standard Mortice Locks: Expert Insights by Locksmith Kev

If you've ever wondered what sets a British Standard mortice lock apart, look no further. Locksmith Kev is here to shed light on these secure and reliable locks, available at Locksmithkev.co.uk or reachable at 07415714590. Let's explore the features and benefits of these locks that make them the preferred choice for many property owners.

Mortice Locks: A Unique Installation Method

The term "mortice" refers to the way the lock is installed within a door, not how it is operated. A mortice lock fits into a recess cut into the leading edge of the door, making it a concealed and robust security solution. The front face of the lock is the only visible part when the door is open, offering a sleek appearance.

Sash Locks: The Combination of Security Features

A sash lock is a type of mortice lock that combines a bevelled latch, door handles or doorknobs for operation, and a key-operated deadbolt. This powerful combination ensures both convenience and enhanced security, allowing you to lock and unlock the door with ease.

Deadlock Mortice Locks: Key-Operated Security

Deadlock mortice locks are solely operated by the key. Turning the key throws the deadbolt into the door frame, providing a sturdy and reliable locking mechanism. Some mortice locks integrate a cylinder lock to further secure the bolt.

British Standard Kite Mark: The Symbol of Quality

For a mortice lock to meet British Standard (BS362) requirements, it must have at least five levers, and the screws that fix the lock to the door must not be accessible when the door is shut. Additionally, the mortice must be protected by a toughened Anti-Drill hard plate. Insurance-rated and approved mortice locks display the prestigious British Standard Kite Mark, ensuring superior quality and security.

Advanced Security Features: Beyond the Standard

Enhancing security, some mortice locks include anti-pick levers known as false gates, a curtain to protect the keyway from pick attacks, and hardened steel pins through the bolt. These measures fortify the lock against tampering and unauthorized access.

Diverse Finishes and Applications

5 Lever Mortice locks usually come with 2 or 3 keys, depending on the manufacturer. They are typically available in brass, satin chrome, and chrome finishes, blending seamlessly with various door styles. You can find these locks primarily on wooden doors for residential and commercial properties.

In conclusion, British Standard Mortice Locks offer unparalleled security and reliability. Trust Locksmith Kev's expertise to guide you in choosing the ideal lock for your property. Reach out to Locksmith Kev at Locksmithkev.co.uk or call 07415714590 to ensure your property's safety with top-quality locks and expert locksmith services.

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